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CrimeWatch AI Empowering Law Enforcement with Video Analytics

Our advanced technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze real-time video footage, providing actionable insights for proactive crime prevention and enhancing collaboration among law enforcement and security professionals.

Video surveillance technologies for law enforcement

Criminal Identification

Video analytics systems that use deep learning technologies can find details that the human eye is unable to see. These systems may discriminate between individuals based on a variety of small characteristics, such as size, walk speed, and gender. Additionally, the technology may locate only pedestrians with bags or filter users based on the colour of their clothing.

Analytics allows investigators to narrow their focus to individuals who match specific criteria, such as a man suspect wearing white and carrying a rucksack. This allows investigators to filter out non-fitting individuals from their feed.

The system can find an individual on different video feeds and segments once they have been designated as a person of interest. Once they materialise, it becomes rather straightforward to identify the person and follow his actions.

Vehicle Health
Vehicle Health
Identify high-crime locations

Traditionally, it has taken a team to monitor streets and blocks for days at a time in order to locate locations where illicit drug sales are occurring. Thanks to the installation of a covert security camera and the analytics system's ability to detect considerable foot movement, this procedure can now be largely automated. Drugs are most likely hidden and retrieved from that spot when a sale is made if there is regular movement between locations or between an individual and other people and a parked automobile.

The analytics tools are even able to generate this data in real-time, giving the police or street crime squad useful and useful insight.

Our Key Features

Real-Time Surveillance

Our video analytics platform monitors live video feeds from surveillance cameras, instantly detecting and alerting authorities to suspicious activities or potential security threats.

Facial Recognition

With facial recognition capabilities, our system can identify individuals of interest, track their movements, and alert authorities to their presence in restricted areas or during specific events.

Behavior Recognition

By analyzing human behavior patterns, our system can identify unusual or abnormal activities, such as loitering, trespassing, or erratic movements, prompting immediate intervention when necessary.

Crowd Monitoring

Our video analytics solutions can analyze crowd dynamics, monitor crowd density levels, and detect potential crowd-related incidents, ensuring public safety during large gatherings or events.

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