Our AI-powered video analytics platform offers comprehensive solutions for real-time traffic management and detailed heat maps, enhancing security, and optimizing operations through advanced technology and real-time data analysis.

ROADEX AI - Identification & Detection - 100+Assets & Traffic Sign

Pothole Detection Application

PotholePal is your go-to solution for detecting road hazards in real-time. Using cutting-edge technology, it scans the road ahead and alerts you to potholes instantly, helping you navigate safely and avoid damage to your vehicle. With its user-friendly interface and crowdsourced reporting feature, PotholePal empowers you to contribute to safer roads for everyone. Download now and drive with confidence.

Traffic signs detection

ROADEX that accurately decodes traffic signs, providing real-time information to enhance your driving experience. It helps you stay informed about speed limits and stop signs, ensuring safe navigation on the road.

Vehicle Health
Vehicle Health
Road cracks Detection

Using advanced image processing technology, it scans road surfaces for cracks in real-time, allowing for early intervention and preventive maintenance. With its user-friendly interface and precise detection capabilities, CrackGuard helps ensure smoother, safer roads for all. Download now and pave the way to safer journeys with Roadex.

Pedestrian crossings

With its real-time detection and guidance system, CrossSafe alerts you to nearby pedestrian crossings and provides visual cues to ensure safe passage. Whether you're walking in the city or exploring suburban streets, CrossSafe helps you cross with ease and peace of mind. Download now and step safely with CrossSafe by your side.


Real-Time Surveillance

Dezzex AI expedited the inspection process, saving valuable time and resources for Leicestershire County Council.

Facial Recognition

The AI system provided reliable and consistent results, minimising human error and ensuring thorough assessments.

Cost savings

By identifying potential maintenance requirements in advance, Leicestershire County Council achieved cost savings through proactive planning and resource allocation.

Vehicle Health

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